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From Light To Heavy, Dubai Massage Strength Varies From Person To Person

In Dubai, massage health care is a very popular method nowadays. Many people enjoy massage in Dubai very much. However, if massage is too strong when you first time try this, it will make people feel afraid of it. The strength of massage varies from person to person. The heavier the better. Health massage should be a very enjoyable thing, but some masseuses use too much strength, which makes the person being massaged feel pain and feel a sense of fear. In fact, the strength of body massage in Dubai varies from person to person.

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Dubai Massage at Home
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The strength of the massage technique has a certain limit, and it must conform to the mechanical and physiological characteristics of the human soft tissue, so that the massage technique can form a benign stimulation and induction after acting on the human body, which can maximize the adjustment of nerves and can avoid obvious damage to human tissues. Especially for you do the Dubai massage at home. The following teaches you how to master massage strength.

For example, in the process of using the reflex area of ​​the foot to massage, whether the treatment effect is satisfactory or not, in addition to the accuracy of the reflex area, the amount of force is also the key to the problem. If the force of the foot massage is too small, the corresponding effect will not be produced, but only a slight health effect. If the force is too large, it will not be accepted by the patient. Therefore, in order to alleviate the pain of patients and achieve significant effects, how to master the intensity is particularly important.

Massage strength varies from person to person

If the massage strength is too strong, it will form a malignant stimulus, it will produce an over-limit inhibition signal and reduce the effect of the manipulation, and it is very easy to cause tissue damage. The strength of the massage technique varies from person to person. For example, thin people can use less force. People who are more obese should put more force into them. Don't use too little force to cause no feeling, but don't use too much force to injure the skin and internal organs. In short, after the massage, if you feel comfortable and relaxed, the level of effort is considered appropriate.

Massage intensity is usually from light to heavy

The intensity of the full body massage in Dubai is usually from light to heavy. First, gently rub the movement to slowly let the skin and its nerves have a process of adapting, and then the intensity can be slightly increased, but it is a little bigger than before, and at the same time. Pay attention to the patient's acceptance and natural reaction, whether there is a feeling of frowning or discomfort. If not, you can increase it for the third time. Don't make it heavy at the beginning. If you are getting the Prostate Massage in Dubai, you have to pay more attention to the strength of it.

The first massage, the intensity must be appropriate

For those who are receiving massage for the first time, the intensity of the grip must be appropriate. If the strength is too heavy, the person being massaged is prone to feel a sense of fear of the massage. Perhaps only this time, he will not dare to receive the massage next time. The sensitivity of different reflection areas is not the same.

Therefore, the sensitivity should not be too strong for the more sensitive reflection areas, such as eyes, ears, duodenum, frontal sinus and other acupuncture points; and some relatively weak sensitivity It is necessary to increase the intensity of the reflection areas of the kidney, adrenal glands, small intestine, pituitary, gonads, etc. This intensity is suitable for stimulating the pain generated by the reflection areas to cure the disease and enable the patient to recover as soon as possible.

The masseuses must be attentive during the massage. If the person being massaged feels very painful, then reduce the intensity. At the same time, the person being massaged should reflect their feelings in time. If it feels too painful, you must tell the masseuse, don’t grind your teeth and massage. It should be an enjoyable thing.

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