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Try a Prostate Massage in Dubai

The prostate is a unique gonad organ for men, and the prostate massage in Dubai is effective. The so-called prostate massage is a therapy that relieves the stagnation of prostate secretion, improves local blood circulation, and promotes the absorption and resolution of inflammation by the regularly prostate massage in Dubai, draining the prostate fluid, and expelling inflammatory substances. So what is the effect of the prostate massage in Dubai? Shall we make a prostate massage in Dubai at home? Let's take a look.

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Prostate massage method is especially suitable for retention and chronic bacterial prostatitis, where the glands are full, soft, and have more secretions. It is both a diagnostic method and a treatment method. Some people think that the therapeutic significance of this therapy can even exceed antibiotics.

On the other hand, the fingers must have a certain direction during massage. You should massage the left and right sides first, starting from the top of the outside to the bottom of the inside. Massage at least 3 to 5 times on each side; then squeeze along the center of the prostate from top to bottom. Pressure. Repeated several times, the prostate fluid will drip out along the urethra. The outflow of prostate fluid can also be used for laboratory tests.

The starting point of prostate massage is to take into account the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, which are mainly set due to the inflation of purulent exudates in the acinar and interstitium, which is not easy to drain. By this kind of Massage in Dubai, you can also lose weight by the Massage.

The contraindications of prostate massage: massage is contraindicated for patients suspected of prostate tuberculosis or tumor. You have to know that Dubai Massage is not suitable for patients with prostate atrophy and hardening. Prostatic massage is contraindicated during the acute attack of chronic prostatitis, so as not to cause inflammation to spread and even cause sepsis.

When massaging the prostate, use your middle finger or index finger to press the body of the prostate for 3 to 5 minutes each time. It is best that the prostate fluid is discharged from the urethra every time. This kind of Dubai Home Massage must be gentle, and soapy water can be used before massage to reduce discomfort. Each massage treatment should be at least 3 days apart. If during the self-massage process, the prostate is found to be very tender and the cystic sensuality is enhanced, you should go to the specialist clinic in time to avoid prostatic massage during the acute attack of chronic prostatitis.

What causes prostate pain

Andrology experts said that the main cause of male prostate pain is due to some bad habits of men:

1, alcoholism

Excessive drinking can congest blood capillaries throughout the body and cause mild edema. The prostate is no exception. The prostate is surrounded by muscle fibrous connective tissue. Therefore, an edema is mainly swelling inward to the gland, so it is easy to be infected and the prostate appears. Hyperplasia.

2, eat irritating food

After eating hot peppers, it can stimulate the digestive tract, urinary tract congestion, and easily lead to constipation. These are very unfavorable to the local metabolism of the prostate and can induce inflammation.

3, sedentary

It is related to occupations, such as drivers, office workers, etc. On the one hand, abdominal pressure increases the pressure on the prostate. On the other hand, when sitting, the prostate is in a horizontal position, and its urethra and the prostate glands that open to it are at On the same plane, if there are bacteria in the urine, it is easy to retrograde into the ducts and cause inflammation.

4, drink less water

For the formation of prostate disease, if you don't drink water, urine will be concentrated, and harmful and toxic substances in the urine will accumulate, which will easily flow back into the prostate duct and cause harm and disease. Therefore, people who do not like to drink water are more likely to get prostate disease.

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