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Lose Weight At Home by a Home Massage in Dubai

Many office workers in Dubai are short of time to lose weight, so if you can easily lose weight at home, it would be great. Let me share with you the method of Dubai massage at home. Just enjoy a massage to lose weight. As we know massage can promote the peristalsis of excess fat in the body, and long-term persistence will have the effect of burning fat and losing weight. This is why the weight loss massage in Dubai is more and more popular nowadays. Let me share with you a few techniques of massage at home so that you can lose weight easily.

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Massage in Dubai Home Service
Dubai Massage Sexy Girl - Emily

Is massage effective for weight loss?

A certain areas of Massage on the body can effectively promote the peristalsis of excess fat in the body, so that it is in a soft and easy-to-burn state. Long-term massage can burn fat and lose weight and eliminate obesity. Even for people who are lack of exercise, as long as the correct massage techniques are used frequently and effective full body massage in Dubai, the weight loss effect can be superimposed, so as to achieve the obvious slimming effect.

Massage to lose weight

1, leg massage

Circle massage: Use the thumb and index finger of both hands to firmly grip the thigh, and slowly move from the knee to the base of the thigh in a circular motion. The movements should be relaxed, one leg is repeated 6 times and then the leg is changed to do the same movement.

Back thigh massage: Sit on a chair, legs close together, buttocks sit on the front third of the chair, with legs raised, and toes lifted off the ground. Place a fist with both hands under the thigh and massage along the midline of the lower thigh.

Massage is the same as exercise. If the duration is too short, there will be no slimming effect. The best time to massage your legs is more than 25 minutes. If you are afraid of being overworked, you can use some massage equipment to massage. The leg massage is the best way to create slender legs for you.

Massage legs to lose weight: 1. Hold the front of the thigh with both hands, rub down firmly, rub the kneecap to the ankle, and then reverse to the back of the calf and massage upwards. Then massage 50 times, and then rub the other leg 50 times with the same motion.

2. Put both hands on both sides of the root of the thigh, with both thumbs in a V shape, press down firmly, massage left and right from the knee to the ankle, and then back to the root of the thigh for a total of 10 times. Massage the other leg 10 times with the same technique and strength.

3. Lying on your back, dorsiflexion of the toes as much as possible, bending the feet straight and lifting the legs upwards, alternately, lifting each leg 20 times, the muscles and muscles of the back of the leg should feel sore and swollen during the operation.

2, abdominal massage

Welding around the belly button to lose weight: Put 4 fingers together with one hand, use the pads of the four fingers to press slightly, rubbing 10 times on the left and right sides of the belly button.

In addition to massage in Dubai, you should also exercise properly, such as walking. You can choose slow, medium or fast speed according to your needs. Walking can make the body more coordinated and lay a long-term foundation for weight loss.

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