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5 Major Dubai Massage Methods to Save Facial Sagging

In Dubai, when a woman is over 28 years old, skin laxity problems will follow, and you will find that your face is sagging, and the aging of your face skin makes you very upset. So what causes facial skin sagging? What should I do if the skin on my face is sagging? Today, I bring you a set of simple methods facial massages in Dubai to help you ease the trouble of facial relaxation!

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In Dubai, I'm sure that no even one woman does not care about her face, but as she ages and becomes more stressed, many women experience facial sagging, so what should you do if the facial sagging? What secrets do we have to help us improve facial sagging? Young women's skin is very smooth and firm, but why the skin becomes sagging with age? How to save sagging skin on your face? What kind of full body massage in Dubai is your best choice? Let's have a look now.

Facial sagging reasons:

1. Collagen in face loss: Collagen supports the elasticity of the skin. Loss of collagen may cause facial skin sagging, which is generally a problem for the elderly.

2. Muscle relaxation: Some people are not old, but the face skin is sagging, so it may be because the face muscles lack exercise, resulting in muscle relaxation, and the face skin will naturally sag.

3. Too little facial fat: Some people suffer from chronic malnutrition, excessive weight loss, or too little facial fat due to disease, and the loss of subcutaneous fat is also an important cause of sagging facial skin.

Massage method to save facial skin sagging:

1. The position between the neck and chin is called the latissimus dorsi, which is the easiest place to relax. Use both hands to lift the belly from the clavicle to the chin in parallel, and massage 15 times repeatedly. It is not easy to do this kind of Dubai massage at home, you can try this in some professional massage centers near you. On the other hand, this kind of massage as the same function with foot massage can help you lose weight also.

2. The thumb and index finger of both hands press the contour of the face in a scissors shape, and slowly press from the chin to the ear. Then the middle finger slides diagonally upwards on both sides of the lower jaw, carving the tight lines of the lower jaw.

3. Use your fingertips to squeeze the smiling muscles, and make the sound of "Ah~ yeh", which can train the muscles and delay the skin sagging.

4. Along the acupuncture points below the eye, that is, the eyeball frame muscles, tap lightly with the fingertips to promote blood circulation.

5. Put the fist in the center of the forehead, and draw a small circle to rotate and massage to the temple 10 times.

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