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Dubai Massage Can Relieve Back Pain

In Dubai, many white-collar office workers must have a deep understanding. After sitting for a few hours a day, the back pain is more frequent. So what methods can we use to relieve back pain and maintain good health for your body? Sometimes your back hurts and even affects life or work. You can't bend down or do heavy work, even sleeping. Low back pain is a very common thing for white-collar workers in Dubai, so what can we do to deal with white-collar back pain? Is there any mitigation method?

So, next, I will provide you with a few massage methods to help you prevent and relieve back pain. You can go some massage center or just try a Dubai Massage Home Service from us.

Cindy comes from Korea, she is good at Body to Body Massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Home Service
Cindy, Best Massage Girl in Dubai

Dubai Massage method to relieve back pain

1. Waist acupressure massage method

Maintain a sitting position, rub your hands and then put it in the middle of the waist, massage from top to bottom with acupressure, massage back about thirty times, until the waist feels warm. This is really the best method to relieve the pain in back, but also can eliminate fatigue quickly after fitness.

2. Knead the back of the waist correctly

You can lie in a sitting position. Put your hands together and put your palms inward on the back of the waist. Massage your back for five to ten minutes until you feel the waist heating.

3. Pinch waist muscles

Keep your upper body upright in a sitting position, put your hands on both sides of the waist, use both hands to pinch the waist muscles, pinch the waist muscles, about 20 times, feel the waist muscles no longer tight. This is the best method, especially for the massage in Dubai.

4. Rolling waist massage

Sitting normally, hands clenched into a fist shape, put on the lower back, want to roll around massage, can be left and right up and down, repeated rolling massage, can relieve waist pain.

5. Waist compression method

Put the thumb on the waist side for massage, first rotate it clockwise and press it 20 times, and then turn it counterclockwise 20 times to relax the muscles of the waist.

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