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8-step Massage in Dubai Can Get Beautiful Skin

Beauty, in Dubai women's pursuit of goals. As long as there is a beautiful method, the sisters will try their best. And I organized the methods of beauty massage in Dubai, taught you to massage your skin, and create a beautiful face. If you want to try it, check it out.

Jessie is from Malaysia, she is slim and sexy, also good at full body massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai Home Service
Jessie, Dubai Massage Best Girl

Women are born to love beauty, this is undeniable. In my opinion, plastic surgery not only costs a lot of money, but also suffers a lot of pain, but it also can't stop the woman's idea of ​​beauty. Because beauty is the nature of every woman. So is there a way to save money without pain and achieve beauty at the same time? This is really true, I will organize the beauty methods of Dubai massage at home, teach you to massage the body, to create a beautiful face.

1. Massage to make BB cream fit better

After applying the BB cream, put your hands close to your cheeks and do a strong push-up action. Repeat this several times until the BB cream spreads out evenly and fits your face better. This massage method also makes the cheeks look thinner! In addition, your forehead and T zone also need to be massaged accordingly, you also need to do such a lifting action, the direction does not need to be consistent upwards, as long as it can achieve a fitting effect.

2. Massage during face washing

When you cleanse your face, you need to do a massage to soothe the skin, and at the same time give the cleansing skin more strength. The specific method is to use the index finger or middle finger to gently circle the face, clockwise or counterclockwise. It takes about thirty seconds to meet the above requirements. This is of course the most basic and necessary step for face washing. In Dubai, massage can really save facial sagging.

3. Massage to shrink the pores of the nose

First let your face relax, then put a hot towel on the back of your neck to let the lymph flow smoothly, and then prepare two small spoons, the spoons should be put in water to warm. Use two small spoons to gently scrape on the side of the nose and on the tip of the nose, be sure to go back and forth several times, not only can clean the pores, but also lift the nearby skin.

4. Massage to relieve wrinkles on eyes

Around our eyes is the place where wrinkles are most likely to grow. Even if there is no wrinkle, fine lines are easy to appear. When massaging, place the ring finger under two eyebrows and fix it, then use your middle finger and index finger to gently press from one end of the eye socket to the other and continue to do it five times.

5. Massage to eliminate facial edema

First put the middle finger on both sides of the nose and push up along the route of the bridge of the nose. Repeatedly doing it several times can easily eliminate puffiness on the face. In addition, you can also put your palms on both sides of the cheeks, gently do the upward movements, but also repeat it several times, which can also play a role in eliminating puffiness.

6. Massage when using eye cream

Dip a small amount of eye cream on the ring finger and gently point around the eye, then do a circular massage along the inner corner of your eye, upper eyelid, end of eye, lower eyelid, etc., let the skin slowly absorb the eye cream you apply . Repeat several times until the eye cream is completely absorbed. This method can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the eyes, which is beneficial for keeping the face young!

7. Soothing facial massage

Place your ten fingers one by one in the center of the face to the place in front of the ears, and gradually massage along the route of the hair. During the massage, the fingers should be powerful and slowly and deeply. The direction is roughly from the face to the ear. Do this a few times until you feel a relaxing effect. Not only for the facial massage, but also the body to body massage in Dubai can also provide a good effect to you.

8. Massage cream

Massage the index finger and middle finger with both hands. Follow the chin to the root of the ear, the sides of the nose to the end of the eyes, and the spiral massage in order, for about 2-3 minutes. The face can absorb the massage cream very well, and it can play the role of lifting the skin and firming the facial beauty.

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